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Drums of Death: Red Waves Remixed

Seit letzten Montag ist sie erhältlich, die neue EP von Drums of Death. Im Dezember erschien "Red Waves" und genau dieses Albums haben sich Künstler_innen wie Sinden, Debukas, Aug, Clouds, Joyce Muniz und Wholesick angenommen.

"First up is Sinden’s remix of 'The Jerk'. High energy bleeps and a funky futurism forge a path for the bassline as he coolly expands on the original's UK Garage groove, bouncing bass and buzzing lead, all the while maintaining the original aesthetic, that simple elements do a big roller make.

On ‘Bang The Drum’ gets four remixes. Drums Of Death's vocoded voice, taut electronics and rattling 909 hi-hats held reverence for techno’s godfathers drew in 2020Vision’s ‘Debukas’, who strips back the vocal for a fluid and jacking tech house rework, ‘Clouds’, Turbo Recordings exciting young guns who deliver a fierce techno workout, Vienna-based, Brazilian Dj and vocalist ‘Joyce Muniz’, who's revsion is pure bump, and Aug who's remix is an beautiful epic techno soundscape full of opaque warmth and hypnotic depth.

Finally ‘Whole Sick’ (Sounds of Sumo / Top Billin / Trouble & Bass ) takes on the infectious melodic heart of ‘Red Waves’. His ethereal piano house rework of ‘Venice Beach’ combines joyous strings, sweaty old school house and warehouse smiles." (civilmusic.com)

Eine kleine Preview gab's HIER zu hören, den Track von Joyce Muniz kann man HIER gratis runterladen.

Drums of Death sind am 11. Mai bei poolbar mit pratersauna in Wien zu Gast.

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