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"An happy explosion! And a pretty long gig!"

Ted Malmros, Bassist der schwedischen Indiepop-Band Shout Out Louds, exklusiv im Interview mit dem poolbar-Festival:


poolbar: You’re in the music business for about 10 years. How did your music change over the time?

Ted: I think it has changed and transformed for every record, I think that is pretty natural and just as we have grown older maybe the songs have gotten a little bit more mature. Maybe also a little more crafted, I say that as both good and bad. In the beginning the music was a bit rougher and more naive but it´s impossible to keep that for 10 years and we like that we change and the music with us.

poolbar: How do you celebrate this anniversary?

Ted: We have been talking about a 10 year anniversary party for quite a while but nothing is happening... Maybe later this year... Maybe not...


poolbar: How is it to be on tour together over so many years? Doesn’t it get boring?

Ted: Sometimes it does, but we take breaks in between albums so we usually build up a good apatite for touring during that time. We love to hang, play an talk and we love food and touring is excellent for finding interesting food.

poolbar: You made a brake for about one and a half year, before you produced your new album. Why that?

Ted: Adam made a record with another friend called We are Serenades, I had my second kid and released a EP as A Nighthawk, Eric had a baby, Carl lived in Paris and Bebban was writing so everyone kept busy in other ways.

poolbar: "Optica" ist about light in all variations? And you produced it in a basement studio. Why that?

Ted: It's the perfect place when you think of it. In a basement studio without windows you just have to create your own light, It gradually came to us as we sat there for nearly two years.

poolbar: You have fans all over the world. Why do you think your music translates so well from country to country?

Ted: That is hard to say, internet is a big helper, that everyone can easily get their hands on our music. Maybe strong melodies with an dark undertone goes well for many...


poolbar: What was the most beautiful moment in your band history?

Ted: Such a though question, there have been so many so there is difficult to choose. I'll choose the most recent beautiful moment which was this last friday in Castelbouno on Sicily. We went on stage at 23:00 and it hadn't rained in 5 months and it had never rained during festival of all the last 7 years they have had it. So there is no roof on the stage, and during our third song Impossible the sky opens up and it starts to rain so so hard, but we just continue we get soaked all the gear gets soaked, my bass breaks but we keep playing and the audience stays with us to the bitter end....

poolbar: What can the audience expect from your show at the poolbar-Festival?

Ted: An happy explosion! And a pretty long gig for being a festival which is fun.


Shout Out Louds spielen am kommenden Mittwoch, den 14. August, gemeinsam mit Garish im Alten Hallenbad.


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