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Vote for Rentokill: Groezrock

Bands zu unterstützen, die man gut findet - da sind wir immer gern dabei. So zum Beispiel jetzt gerade unsere Anti-Flag Supportband Rentokill. Die wollen nämlich beim Vote-to-play-Festival Groezrock dabei sein und benötigen dafür ein wenig Hilfe. Auf Myspace schreiben sie:

Normally we wouldn't do any VOTE-TO-PLAY Festivals but this time it's a bit different. As everyone knows, Groezrock is one of the finest Punk Festivals in Europe and we'd lie if we said we wouldn't want to play there. Nothing had worked out for us so far but as naive as we are we keep applying and hope that "maybe next year" will be our time. time has yet to come, but now you can help us, at least we believe so.

Go over to groezrock.be and you'll be asked to fill in some sort of form. just fill in the 3 TOP Bands you'd like to see at Groezrock next year. We really wouldn't mind if one of those 3 bands was us. Maybe we can get a little attention and make them pick us. Hope dies last.

You've even got the chance to win free tickets. Please be fair, don't vote twice or trick the system.

thanks for your support!

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