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Zita Swoon: To Play, to Dream, to Drift

So nennt sich das soeben erschienene Album von Zita Swoon, das als Double Compilation "the hottest studio singles and some unreleased works from 1991 to 2009" (wie die BelgierInnen auf ihrer Homepage schreiben) zusammenfasst. Weiters ist dort zum Werk zu lesen:

This year, Zita Swoon celebrates its fifteenth + birthday. The perfect moment to look back on their career so far. To Play, to Dream, to Drift has become a two-part retrospective with a ‘Best of’, serving as an introduction for those unfamiliar with the Antwerp band, and a second disc with previously unreleased material, which uncovers the history of Zita Swoon and offers a look at what the future could bring.

“The first disc was easy to compile,” says frontman Stef Kamil Carlens. “Most of the tracks had previously been released as singles. What makes this project interesting to me is the second disc, because the obscure material on it has been just as essential for my musical evolution. This collection is the end of an era for me, while the sleeve, featuring over a hundred pictures, once again showcases the visual side of Zita Swoon. At the same time, we are launching our new website (www.zitaswoon.com), which will make it easier to keep track of our activities.”

Why the interim inventory? “I want to explore new paths. There are a few projects I want to focus on right now,” the singer explains. A number of these projects have already taken shape: a sequel to Dancing with the Sound Hobbyist - a collaboration with Rosas - for which Carlens wants to write new material with the band and delve deeper into the interaction between dance and music. He also intends to go on a musical journey through Burkina Faso and Mali. And then there’s the Zita Swoon Orchestra, an entirely instrumental project, which allows Carlens to move away from lyrics and focus completely on the music. “It would be nice to work with a more comprehensive lineup, with instruments that Zita Swoon has rarely or never used before.

To Play, to Dream, to Drift is a reference to the instinctive manner Stef Kamil Carlens has organized his career so far. “I want to stay true to that motto as well,” he stresses. “I do a lot more planning than I used to, but at the same time I want to stay receptive to new impressions and unexpected opportunities.”

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