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Broken Social Scene im Interview

Es scheint schon wieder Ewigkeiten her zu sein, dass Broken Social Scene die poolbar-Bühne beehrten. Wir behalten sie in guter Erinnerung und zur Nachhilfe hier ein kleines Interview:

What do you think about the Poolbar concept?
I love the concept. I am a huge fan of performance and poetry. The music is ok too, I guess.

Why did you decide to play at Poolbar Festival?
It was recommended to us by our agent, as a good festival to be part of. We agreed.

What are your connections to Austria/Vorarlberg?
Well... Austria:Germany as Canada:US, so you can see where we're coming from. Or maybeIi can see where you are coming from. No really, the toe of Austria dips into eastern europe where they are all slightly more minor key oreinted which is what I like best. plus there is a lot of strange Catholic/Pagan crossover up in the mountians in Austria. Mad bird sounds! Hidden youth golden hand flowers!

What can the audience expect, when people come to your concert?
You can expect Doctor Phil on ecstacy with 5 guitars all picking out tiny shimmering patterns to rub you all over. And some songs from our new album, "Forgiveness Rock Record".

What music are you listening at in the moment?
There is a blog called 'Awesome Tapes From Africa', Taraf de Haiduks, Stars Of The Lid, Wayne Newton, Javelin, Flying Lotus, Omar Soulyman, Baba Zula

Which are your most important influences?
Marshall McLuhan and Glenn Gould

What's up next in your mind? Plans for the near future?
Living out of my suitcase until the icecaps melt THEN reading all the books on my shelf and writing a few of my own. Reading tarot at what we have here in Canada called "old age homes"

Your music oftens relates to Porn. What do you think about Pornography nowadays?
I think of the wise words of Tim Curry from the musical "Rocky Horror Picture Show" from the 70's - "Dont dream it, Be it!"

How difficult was it to complete your new album?
it was tough picking the songs to come out first - ie/ on this record, but the actual process was pretty fantastic. Hanging out with John McEntire is always sweet and dandy.

What's the difference betwenn the new album „Forgiveness Rock Record" and „Broken Social Scene" from 2005?
One record is the equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting. The other one is Jasper Johns.

Kill them with kindness: Rule, advise or something else?
I would say, "Just be kind." They will eventually die all by themsleves.

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