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Wallis Bird im poolbar-Interview

Wallis Bird war dieses Jahr eine der letzten MusikerInnen, die das poolbar-Festival so richtig gut ausklingen ließen. Vor ihrem Auftritt gab sie gerne noch ein Interview:

What do you think about the Poolbar concept? (Festival duration: 2nd of July untill 22nd of August, combination of music, style, architecture, poetry, ...)

I think it's fantastic. The more artistic produce you can bring to any festival, the more it will expect from the people and the more each person will get from it. I believe that all art forms are intertwined. I actually believe that everything on this big old earth is an art, you just gotta look at it like one big experiment and see that everything is a canvas.

Why did you decide to play at Poolbar Festival?

Luckily I have nice people who put me in the direction of wonderful projects such as Poolbar, and if I like it, I will be back time and time again. I'm sure I will.

What are your connections to Austria/Vorarlberg?

Well I've played some very unforgettable gigs in Austria such as Frequency, Flex, PPC and Rockhouse, and have spent many holidays with friends in Austria, so all the time I have spent there is memorable.

You are famous for your high-energy-stage-performance. What can the audience expect, when people come to your concert?

Anything! Hopefully you will Sing, dance, get a kiss, have a few tears, meet some new future friends, and possibly go home and have a shag!

What music are you listening at in the moment?

Villagers, Absolutely fucking amazing (excuse my language!) Get Well Soon, Grosstadtgefluster, Hayseed Dixie and Ike and Tina Turner

Which are your most important influences?

People who wrote and write music with no care in the world, who only wrote for themselves and broke barriers politically and mentally. I also sponge everything I hear around me; be it people, music or nature, it's all music.

Your are often compared with the young Janis Joplin. In which way are you similiar to her?

I think it's because of the raspy voice. In any other way, I can hold my drink but thankfully haven't worked up quite as much of a seductively destructive drug addiction, but I'm still in the 27 club for another 3 months,

How has your childhood-accident influenced your musical style?

It developed a stubbornness in me to always play better than my last song. I also realised recently that because I don't have a baby finger on my left hand, that I use the baby finger on my right hand to death, to make up for it!

What's up next in your mind? Plans for the near future?

Tour this year until I burn myself out (!), then head into the studio to record album number 3. After that, just live life and have as much good times as possible.

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