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Age of Consent bei poolbar mit pratersauna

"Age of Consent? Nie gehört..." werden sich jetzt wohl viele denken. Falsch. Age of Consent ist die aus Joe Reeves und Darren Cullen entstandene Neugeburt der altbekannten Shitdisco, die 2005 mit der Single "Disco Blood"/"I Know Kung Fu" die Dancefloors belebten. Completely Twisted UK hat die Reinkarnation auf den Punkt gebracht und wir freun uns schonmal auf das bevorstehende Livespektakel!

Age of Consent - Shitdisco reincarnate

If you mourned the loss of Shitdisco and relentless party tunes of the likes of ‘I know Kung Fu' then the time for crying is over for they have returned. Travelling under new papers this time round, Joe Reeves and Darren Cullen have assumed the moniker ‘Age of Consent' and considerably calmed down their previously manic sound. The new vibe is much more 80s electronica, similar to New Order - who possibly inspired the new band's name with the first track of 1983's Power, Corruption & Lies. Or perhaps the inspiration was the 1984 Bronski Beat album....either way they are not to be confused with the Atlanta metal band of the same name whose tracks include ‘The Money Shot' and ‘Molding The Pig'...

Of the three demos on the UK band's myspace ‘Heartbreak' is my favourite. The track has a little of La Roux's I'm Not Your Toy in there and is constructed around synth heavy sounds, a simple drum pad beat, unpolished vocals and terminally catchy refrain which just has ‘top of the download chart' written all over it. ‘The Truth' is messier but it definitely works in a brand new Madchester passed through an electro sieve kind of way. Yes like a lot of bands recently they sound a bit like Depeche Mode and vocally even the Happy Mondays, yes they're a phoenix band so they've got baggage and yes if you try googling the band name at work you're probably going to get into trouble with the search results but fuck it, I like them!


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