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RY X + Support, Halle, 21:00 Uhr
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Originating from Australia and now based in LA, enigmatic artist and producer RY X has been making waves since his debut EP Berlin entered the public consciousness upon it’s release in late 2014 powered by the sleeper success of the set’s title track.  RY X's momentum has continued alongside the release of highly acclaimed albums and touring by his projects The Acid and Howling.

2016 now finds RY focusing his attention on his eagerly anticipated debut RY X album entitled 'Dawn', which came out on May 6th via Infectious Music and Loma Vista Records.

‘Dawn’ has a threadbare power – the arrangements stripped back so there is nothing to separate the listener from the song. The album represents the beginning of a beautiful unfurling, where we get to become witness to the intimate relationship between RY X, his art, and the world around him. (eigen)


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