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Pixies, Montforthaus, 20:00 Uhr
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  VVK-Stellen   (€ 42.00.- zzgl. Gebühren der Vorverkaufsstellen)
(Achtung: Reservierungen sind ausschließlich möglich für BesitzerInnen von: Festivalpass / Punktekarte / Volksbank Sommerticket / Kulturpass / Behindertenausweis)


Einlass ab 19 Uhr.

poolbar-Festival Auswärtsspiel im Montforhaus Feldkirch.
Eintritt mit Festivalpass möglich bei Aufzahlung von 25 Euro an der Abendkassa.



Pixies, one of the most influential alt/rock bands of all time, will take their signature aural mix of psychedelia, dissonance, surf-rock and loud-quiet-loud on tour across five continents in 2017. The band will stop in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, and they will play their first-ever South African concerts. 

For these 2017 dates, Pixies - Joey Santiago/guitar, Black Francis/guitar & vocals, David Lovering/drums and bassist Paz Lenchantin - will introduce to the fans a new stage set design fashioned around special pods that house all of the lighting, positioned behind the band. Fans can expect a set list comprised of the classics and catalogue rarities as well as newer songs from Indie Cindy and the band's latest release, Head Carrier. As is the norm, there will be no firm setlist for Pixies’ shows; their sets, while pulled from nearly 90 songs that the band has rehearsed and is prepared to play, will change somewhat from night to night with every number determined just before it’s performed. (eigen)






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Auswärtsspiel mit den Pixies / sangerer 01.03.17
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